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Development Status of Level Measurement Instrument

Level measuring instrument is to measure liquid height of liquid level and load of powder and granular materials and industrial automation instruments, has been widely used in the industry. Current level meter shows what trends in the market? how different types of level meters have different development status?

Liquid level switch is mainly divided into switches and switches. Market in liquid level switches, float level switches are still occupy the position, followed by the tuning fork and the capacitive level switches. As businesses switch convenience and easy of installation and reliability needs, radio frequency admittance (capacitive) and ultrasonic level switch market continues to grow. Also ultrasonic level switches after costs, will also usher in the high growth of the market.

Level switch market is to prevent rotation dominates, followed by the tuning fork and the capacitive level switch market. Rotary level switch resistance because of the disadvantages of low reliability, and may in the future development prospects. Instead of radio frequency admittance material level switches may by virtue of its own strength, has good prospects for development.

In addition, the detection of liquid level in the tank bottom, level measuring instrument is mainly level transmission. Pressure and differential pressure transmitter with Drucker to occupy areas of the market leading, followed by magnetic float type, pontoon, fluid transmission of ultrasonic liquid level gauge. However, with advances in technology and new demands of the market, future pressure (differential pressure) ultrasonic level gauge market share is likely to fall, and magnetostrictive, ultrasonic and RF admittance-ultrasonic level gauge may have rapid growth in the market.

Tank liquid level detection, ultrasonic level gauge application of static pressure more, but the results and value for money is not the most ideal. Radar in the area of the ultrasonic level transmitter with high precision, high reliability and ease of action favored by the market, a good momentum of development in the future. In addition, magnetostrictive ultrasonic liquid level gauges and fibre ultrasonic level gauge will be in the area of tank has a certain development, occupying a certain market share.