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                              GLP2881 liquid Level Transmitter


I : Overview:

GLP2881 liquid level transmitter had developed by introduce advanced U.S. NoVa company diffusion silicon pressure sensor and IC Sensors

circuit technology, and its application with two world advanced technology of the silicon fine corrosion process and silicon wafer composite, it is 

a high quality of static pressure type level measurement instrument and be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, 

environmental protection, food, water, urban water supply, oil field industries such as level measurement.

GLP2881 liquid level transmitter with excellent quality, a variety of installation convenient for field installation process, special occasions can be 

specially designed. Meet some needs of the industrial automation in China and the industry of the measurement precision of liquid level 


II: Features:

1.  Have good stability, high precision and high performance/price.

2.  Solid structure, no moving parts, high reliability, long life service.

3.  It can be high precision measurement from water, oil, and to the larger paste viscosity and not be affected by foaming measured medium,    deposition, the influence of the electric property   without material fatigue wear, it is not sensitive to vibration and impact

4.  Wide range of temperature compensation

5.  It protects from power reverse polarity protection and overload current limit.

III: principle

 Using the principle of static pressure measurement, when the  liquid level transmitter into the liquid to be tested in a certain depth, sensor to meet the pressure on liquid level for: P =ρ.g. H + Po type:

Ppressure of the sensor meet liquid level l,                                unitPa

ρLiquid density                                                                                 unitkg/m3

gthe local acceleration of gravity                                                  unitm/s2

P0Atmospheric pressure of liquid surface                                unitPa

Hthe depth of the sensor in liquid or height of installation position to liquid surface                                                  unitm

At the same time, it can introduce surface of the liquid atmospheric pressure P0 into the sensor back pressure cavity by gas leading cable, to offset the P0 sensor to meet the liquid surface, the measured pressure sensor for: P =ρ.g. H (limit of the sensor at the bottom of the back pressure cavity with atmosphere is same)

Obviously, it can get liquid depth H by measured pressure P, Pressure sensor sensing signal is amplified by circuit transformation and compensation in a standard signal output.

Note: this model is suitable for level measurement of open container

Air-tight container adopts GLP3351DP or GLP3351LT differential pressure for device or some other type of measurement.

IV: Basic technical parameters:blob.png

1.  medium immersion type:  it is suitable for 316ss , nitrile rubber, PVC coexistence medium

2. flange type : it can measure Strong corrosive medium.

3.  measurement range 0~1m to 0~600m

4.  accuracy 0.5%0.25%0.1%

5.  working temperature-20~+80(No crystallization medium)it can take pressure at the bottom of using thread and flange type with isolator

6.   Storage temperature-40~+125

7.  Zero temperature coefficient±0.015% range /

8.  Range temperature coefficient±0.015% range /

9.  Long term stability±0.1% range /year

10.  Voltage12-36VDC  standard 24VDC

11.  Output two wire 4~20mA  DC0~10V

12.  Load characteristicsee picture 1standard 24VDCLoad resistance≤600Ω

13.  Allow overload3 times as much as standard range

14.  Current limiting protectionUnder the condition of overload, the power limit nominal of 26mA

15.  ProtectionIP68P1P3   IP65P2P4

16.  Explosion-proof gradeEXia II CT5

Vstructure and material 

1.  Transmitter boxCast aluminum100×68×110 shell material: Epoxy resin coating.

2.  Probe 1Cr18Ni9Ti, Φ29×150Anti-corrosion type Φ44×140The hole should be greater than probe diameter over 5mm. 

3.  gas leading cable Φ 7 \ 6 core polyurethane cables and anti-corrosion cable sheath is PTFE

4.  Weight not contain gas leading cable):almost 0.6kg