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GLP-TDS-100P portable ultrasonic flow meter


I: characteristics

u  DisplayChinese or English

u  Non-contact to measure the flow rate and small volume and easy to carry.

u  It has Nickel hydride rechargeable batteries inside and can work more than 20 hours.

u  Flexible user interface, easy to use.

u  Intelligent printing function, in order to guarantee the traffic data completely. 

II: Sensor type


IIIBasic Technical Parameters


u  2×20 dot-matrix backlit LCD displayworking temperature-20~60

u  Printer output: it choose EPSON24 column character miniature stylus printer.

u  4×4+2 touch keyboard.

u  Data interface of RS-232Modbus protocol and FUJI extended protocol, it can compatible with the domestic similar        

      communication protocol from other manufacturers.    

2Pipe material: It suitable for uniform quality of pipeline of carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, aluminum, 

                                     glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the lining is allowed.

3MediumIt suitable for various oil can sound conduction liquid of Tap water, sea water, industrial wastewater, acid alkali liquor etc. 

4Flow rate range0~±30m/s

5Accuracybetter than ±1%, Is only one ultrasonic flow meter reach to this precision .

6VoltageThe Nickel hydride rechargeable batteries can work more than 24 hours or AC220V.

7RechargeableAdopts intelligent charging method, it can access AC220V directly, it will  automatic stop 

                                      when enough and show a green light.

8Installation wayClamp on type

9Measurement period500ms (2 times per second, 128 groups of data per cycle)

IV: size