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GLP-TDS-100H Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter



       II、Basic Technical Parameters

1Installation ways             

u  Clamp on type, it is simple and convenient for operation. 


u   Single and stable liquid of water, sea water, industrial sewage, alcohol, various oil ,

3Medium turbidity

u  ≤10000ppm bubble content is small

4Pipe material

u  It suitable for uniform quality of pipeline of carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, aluminum, glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the lining is allowed.

5Flow rate range

u   0~±30m/s


u  Better than ±1%


u  Better than ±0.2% 


u  It has nickel hydride rechargeable circuit inside, nickel hydride rechargeable battery can work more than 10 hours continuously.


u  538 G


u  it can display instantaneous flow rate, flow velocity, accumulated flow, signal state, etc at the same time

u  It has data recorder inside , it can record the date, the cumulative flow, signal status, working hours, etc

u   standard RS232 data interface for networked detection or export record data

u  OCTL output Positive and negative, the static accumulation of pulse signal and the frequency signal1-9999KHZ

III、basic configuration:

       Host                                     signal cable 5m×2                         standard M1Zmiddle stents                       Aluminum alloy 

IV、sensor (optional) 

Standard S1 small type sensor(Magnetic)

u  Pipe: DN15~DN100

u  Liquid temperature : 0~160

Standard M1 middle  type sensor(Magnetic)

u  Pipe: DN50~DN700

u  Liquid temperature : 0~160


Standard  L1 middle  type sensor(Magnetic)

u  Pipe: DN300~DN6000

u  Liquid temperature : 0~160

   Standard S1 Z small stents sensor           


u  Pipe: DN15~DN100mm

u  Liquid temperature : 0~70℃

Standard M1 Z middle stents sensor           


u  Pipe: DN50~DN700mm

u  Liquid temperature : 0~70℃